Monday, July 28, 2008

Wow! What a week!

It has been a busy week. First, Stacia learned how to ride her bike without the training wheels!! Bobby has been working with her and she was finally brave enough to do it. I think the fact that most of her friends can already do it played a big part in her learning. She is riding like a pro already, now I just have to concentrate on keeping her in the neighborhood. Great job Stacia!!

On July23rd we took Stacia and Landon to the Real game. They ate a huge snow cone and were all hyper for the rest of the game, but that's what your supposed to do at games right? After the game they had a firework show and of course the kids loved it.

I put Lauren's hair in a pony tail for the first time and she was so cute that I just had to take pictures. We then went up to visit Amanda and Wade and I announced that Lauren had her first pony tail!! I was very excited for them to see her, but then Amanda told me that she had already done that while we were in Lake Powell. Oh well, so it's not her first pony tail She still looks pretty darn cute.

Cami and James invited us to the AF pool on Friday and at first I wasn't sure because Bobby had to work, but I am so glad we went. The kids had a blast and it was Lauren's first swimming pool experience. Thanks Fountaines I couldn't have done it without help.

Then on Friday night my parent's had a neighborhood party to celebrate Pioneer Day. I had no idea how big of an event it was going to be. There were water slides and kiddie pools and enough food to feed an ARMY!! Then of course there were a ton of fireworks. It was a lot of fun to see old friends and get caught up on life.

On Saturday, we went to The Jared Lemke home to hang out with Rachel and Austin while they babysat the kids. They have a great back yard so everyone played and had fun.
Totally Tubular Kids!

Jason thought it was so much fun to push Milli on the swing!

Finally, on Sunday, the kids got to pick and eat the carrots from the Garden. They have been waiting for months so they were very excited. We had a great time this week and I realized that I should not get behind on my blogging!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Landon's 5th Birthday

Landon turned 5 years old on Sunday. I can't believe he will be starting kindergarten in just a few weeks. Time goes by so quickly. Anyway, we had a little family party for him and then we went to Build-A-Bear and he of course picked the Karate outfit for his dog. He decided he wanted it to sing happy birthday so that is what it does, but then in the middle of the night last night he started crying quite loudly, I rushed into his room to see what happened. When he finally calmed down, he told me that he changed his mind, he now wants his dog to bark. He was so sad it was kind of cute.

Landon is a Green Dragon!!

Landon tested for his green belt on Saturday, and he did Awesome!!! These pictures are of him passing off some self defense. It's a little hard to see him, but he is throwing his instructor to the ground. Great job Lando!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July Fun

Kamree & Milli

Jeff & Landon

For the 4th we had went to the Lemke house for a picnic and fireworks, then we went to the Junior high for the good old PG firework show which was actually pretty good. The kids loved it all and they want to do it everynight. Milli loved the fireworks this year, she kept sayin it was awesome, the way she said it was so cute. Lauren on the other hand was scared to death. Grandma Marie had to take her in the house and it still took her awhile to calm down.

Grandma and Grandpa Ginn were in town this week, Bobby and I went to the RSL game with Jeff and Ed on July 3rd. It was a really fun game, they were playing a little rough and by the end it broke out into a fist fight and the crowd was throwing things at the refs. It was a little crazy. Then after the game we stayed for the fireworks. It was a fun night, Marie stayed home with the kids which she says is her kind of fun and of course the kids always have a great time with her.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lake Powell

We went to Lake Powell for a week without the two babies and it was so great!!! Stacia was in the water all the time. Landon got a little water logged after the first few days but he still had a great time. I got a little more comfortable on the wake board and had alot of relaxation time. Bobby wake boarded and did the wake skate which just seems crazy to me. Bobby took the kids fishing a few times and they loved it. There were So many fish it was insane! We ate a ton, played games, read books, jumped off cliffs, and just had a great time with great friends. Thanks to all those who watched my babies so I could go and relax. Our camera was running out of bateries so I don't have very many pictures but I will get some from everyone else and post them later.

Milli's 2nd Birthday!

Milena turned 2 years old on June 18th. We had the family over for a little party and it was alot of fun. She had a blast, she knew it was her day and she was lovin' every minute of it. She was being such a cute little hostess, thanking everyone for comming and her reactions to her gifts were priceless. She is our first child to actually hit the terrible two's at two. Stacia and Landon waited untill three but Milli is into everything every minute of the day. She has become quite the handfull, but she also does the cutest things so i guess it all evens out. We love our little Milli!!!