Friday, June 26, 2009

Lake Powell '09

The Hillman family was nice enough to let the crazy Ginn's spend a week with them on their houseboat in Lake Powell!! We had such a great time, here is a picture of the whole gang, aren't we a good lookin' bunch?

A lot of people think their kids walk on water, but mine really do!! What a talented boy I have :)

I think Stacia and Abby were joined at the hip. They were always together having a great time. Bobby got Stacia up on the wake board with him which was awesome until they took a tumble, after that she was pretty timid to try anything. She did tell me she would try again next year.

Captain Chris

Chris is super picky, he won't ski unless the water is up to his standards.

Campfire fun

Brett doing some boarding.

So I think I am finally getting better at this wake boarding stuff. I even landed some of those jumps. Yea me :)

Bobby and Abby

Carson on the knee board

Emma and Kelsie

Stacia and Abby

Christian taking Adam and Landon on a hike.

At the end of each day the kids were pooped, aren't they cute when they're sleeping

Jeffery showing off his mad skills.

I am the queen of the cliffs!! I jumped off this same cliff last year. We decided that the water level was 10-15 feet higher this year so the jump isn't as impressive, but still fun.

Eveyone had a lot of fun. Silly boys




Bobby puts us all to shame. He makes everything look so easy, it's very annoying :)

Fishing, fishing, fishing...

There is so much fun stuff to do on the lake!! Thanks again Hillman's, we had a blast!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

YW's Camp

This year the theme for YW's camp was "Be Thou an Example" and each ward had to pick something that they wanted to be an example of. Our ward chose Courage and our slogan was "Courage- We Dare you". We had a lot of fun with our theme and ran around like the super heroes we are :) I didn't get to stay very long but I loved the time I was there (even with all the rain). Our girls are awesome!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last Days of School!!

The last few days of school were very eventful. First there was a carnival where Stacia scaled the climbing wall like a pro...

...Landon didn't like it as much.

But he did have fun fighting with Luke, or trying to fight with Luke, those things were heavier than them.

Next, they had their annual Dance Festival. Each grade preforms a dance number, it is really cute and the kids really get into it.

Landon Graduated Kindergarten and is all ready for first grade!! I wasn't really expecting to get emotional, but of course I did.

Landon with his Teachers, Mrs. Garrett and Mrs. Miller.

After graduation, we packed up and went on our first camping trip of the summer!! Nik and Jason decided not to spend the night, but they did come to hang out and have dinner, which was good because they were the ones who made dinner :)

Bobby taking Luke and Milli out for a ride.

Stacia running around with all the kids, having a great time.

Lauren played in the dirt the entire time, because that is what she lives for.

Landon having fun with the boys.

Milli and Isaac were always together.

After dinner we had to make s'mores, yum!

So much fun and we still have the whole summer ahead of us!