Friday, August 29, 2008

Weekend At The Cabin

We spent last weekend at the Zoll Cabin and as always it was so much fun. the little 4 wheelers were broken, but Milli had fun sitting on them.

We went for a ride and Bobby made us go down this crazy trench, Amanda and I were a little chicken, but we made it and had fun doing it.

Bobby and Wade found a ton of salamanders in the reservoir and they brought the kids back later to catch some. Bobby ended up bringing some of them home and put them in our little waterfall in the backyard...needless to say we haven't seen them since.

One night all the adults played Catch Phrase and it was really fun. We all got pretty into it and I hate to admit it but the boys won most of the time. The Girls did win the final game wich is all that counts anyway.

The kids had a great time playing on the water slide, and the playground.

Girl band! Me, Stacia and Amanda

Boy Band! Jared, Paul and Bobby

Amanda and bobby think they are Rock Stars!

Little girl Band Stacia and McKenna

We really had a great time, we also played volley ball, sat in the hot tub, and watched movies in the theater room. Thanks to the Zolls for letting us use the cabin! We love it!

My Tender Hearted Boy

I went to pick Landon up from school, and when I got there he looked really sad. I could tell he'd been crying, so I was a little worried but when I asked he didn't say anything so I started to help him get in the car. Mrs. Garrett came over to me and she was smiling so I assumed it wasn't anything too serious. She told me that at the end of class she told the students that this was going to be a long weekend, no school on Monday, and she was going to miss them so much. So Landon got really sad about it. It was really cute, he told me he was going to miss her so much and that Kindergarten is so fun that he doesn't want to miss a day. Of course he got over it all in about two seconds when he started to find as many shapes as he could on the way home, because that's what they learned about today.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Girls Night Out

The girls from Aspen Salon decided to have a girls night. We went to Chili's for dinner and it was a lot of fun. I didn't have any of my kids with me which is a miracle, but I did get to meet Tricia's new little boy. He is so cute!! Thanks girls we need to get out more often! This picture is of Tricia, Mallory and Me.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First day of School

It's hard to believe school has started already. I love to see my kids in their uniforms, they are so stinkin' cute. Landon was a little nervous for kindergarten, but he did great! His teacher told me that he earned 2 green cards fo good behavior and that he was the only one to do so. Landon told me that school was "awesome" and that they got to read two stories, and he made a new friend named Landon Christiansen. He also told his aunt Amanda that he was the "goodest" in his class.
Stacia had a great day also. She was very excited to tell me that she gets three recesses! She also gets to eat lunch at school this year and she thinks that is so cool. She told me she made a million new friends. She was so cute with Landon, when she got home she went right up to him and asked how his first day went. It was one of those proud mommy moments. All in all, a great start to the new school year.

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Day On The Boat!!

We have been able to get out on the lake quite a bit this summer. At first the kids weren't sure if they really liked it, but now they love it! The last couple of times we went with Rachel and Austin on their new boat and we have had a great time. Milena is so funny, as soon as we mention the boat she won't stop yelling at us untill we get her on the boat, she loves it. On the way to the lake she was upset with Bobby telling him "forgot the boat" over and over. She was of course fine once we told her we were going on Rachel's boat.

Landon, Me, Milli, and Stacia Having fun on the tube.

Some hottie driving the boat:)

Milli always wears herself right out.

Lauren doesn't get to join the fun yet, maybe next year.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back to School Picnic

Last night we went to the Odyssey back-to-school picnic. We were assigned to bring a fruit tray and other parent's brought veggies and cookies, and the school was supposed to provide pizza . Well, they had some issues and we never saw any pizza. It was a fun night, the kids got to meet their new teachers, and play some games, then we went to the Bender home and ate pizza from Costco. As long as I didn't have to make dinner I'm happy.

If you look closely you can see that Stacia's Plate is full of cookies. What a healthy dinner.

Lauren was happy because she got some Chocolate.

All the kids had fun playing on the playground.

Stacia's new teacher is Mrs. Hall

Landon's Teacher is Mrs. Garrett

I think the dads got a little bored.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pictures from Powell

I finally got some of the pictures from lake powell. I still want to add a video so I will edit this post as soon as I get it.

We ate alot...

Swam alot...

and the girls read alot.

Great jump Lando!!

This was actually kind of high, Stacia and the other girls were so brave!

Taking a swim after all that jumping.

The boys having fun...

Then peeing off the side of the boat...

And then they conked out.

Big Lake Powell smiles!!!

All of the cousins.

The whole gang, accept Jared and Jamie who left early.

One last swim.