Monday, February 20, 2012

The Zoll's and Grandma Lemke

My mom and Amanda came out for a visit along with Amanda's kids.  I was soooo excited to have them here!! We spent the first day just hanging out and relaxing and then we were on the go.  We spent Saturday afternoon at Lakeshore learning center where there were crafts and all sorts of fun things to see and do.

Making sail boats

Watching a volcano erupt


Seeing what floats and what sinks in water

Playing with magnets

Mixing colors

 On Sunday afternoon we went to the butterfly preserve in Santa Barbara.  My kids and I had just been there with the Stolworthy's and I knew the Zoll kids would love it.  It was awesome!  The last time we went, the butterflies were just hanging from the trees, but this time they were flying around.  It was a beautiful sight.  

The kids with Grandma Lemke

Kamree and Lauren

After watching the butterflies, we walked over to the cliffs to see the beautiful view.  We were lucky enough to see a bunch of dolphins playing in the water right out in front of us.  

Bobby and Corbin

Then the kids had a great time playing on this natural playground.

Landon is the karate kid

We went to the beach a couple of times, the first day was cold and my camera was out of batteries, but the next day was beautiful and we had a great time.
I make Stacia chase the seagulls because I like the cute pictures it makes :)

Landon digging a trench

Kamree, Milli, And Lauren

The trench is getting bigger

Since it had been stormy, there were these little sand cliffs that the kids had a blast playing on.  I convinced them to start jumping off the edge and once they started they couldn't stop.  Now when I tell them to jump off a cliff at Lake Powell they will be ready!

Stacia and Lauren burried in the cliffs

At the end, Milli went to the highest point and jumped right off!  That's my Girl!

During their visit almost all of us were sick at one point, including Alyssa who had a double ear infection.  Even though we were sick and we had some cold rainy days, we still managed to do a lot of fun things and it was great having some of my family here!! 

Happy New Year

Everyone loves sparklers!  Except Lauren who burned her finger :(

Confetti cannons

Make lots of NOISE!

A toast to the New Year with a little sparkling cranberry juice