Saturday, May 30, 2009

Easter week in California

We got to spend this Easter with Grandma & Grandpa Ginn in California. Bobby was going to help his Dad with some demolition work so we decided to make it a family affair. The kids and I played all week and Bobby got to work, but I think we all had a great time. One of the days Bobby got to work with his Dad, and even though Ed got some war wounds, they both came home saying what a great day they had together.

Of course we had to color Easter eggs, the kids were very worried that the Easter Bunny wouldn't know where to find them, but I assured them that I left a note for him.

Easter morning before church. The kids were not being very cooperative about pictures, maybe that's because the Easter Bunny hadn't come yet. They still look beautiful in their new outfits, thanks to Grandma Marie :)

After church we came home to find the house covered with yarn and the kids each had to follow their color of yarn to find their baskets. It was a little messy but a lot of fun.

After they emptied their baskets it was time to hunt for eggs. The Easter bunny did such a good job hiding them that I think there are still some there. What a wonderful day, it was awesome to spend it with our "far away" Grandparents.

There are so many fun thing to do when we visit the Ginn's. One of the kids favorite things is going to feed the horses. Grandpa brings a giant bag of carrots and the kids really just love it.

At some point Lauren decided that she had given enough carrots away, so she sat down and ate one herself.

The Beach!! We spent one day at the beach and it was awesome! The weather was perfect, the kids had so much fun playing in the sand and chasing the waves. We even got to see some dolphins playing in the surf, which Ed told us he has never seen before at that beach.

Lauren would have been happy to spend the whole week playing in the sand.

Sea World! We also got to spend a day at Sea World which was fabulous of course. The kids loved The tide pools and the aquarium. The Shamu show and the dolphin show were so much fun, but we learned that if you sit in the "soak zone" you will be soaked. We didn't get just a little wet like I thought, we quite literally got soaked, but it was all part of the fun.

There is a park across the street from the Ginn's house so we spent a lot of time there, swinging and sliding and chasing rabbits and squirrels. What a fun vacation, thanks Ed and Marie we all had a wonderful time!!

Oh, and of course if you go to the Ginn home you have to play cards!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Random Fun

Every time we go out for Thai food Bobby tells us how easy it is to make, so we decided to give it a try. A bunch of couples got together and we each made a different dish. There was a ton of food and it was all super yummy!! It was fairly simple, but time consuming and since we had to drive to Provo to get the ingredients I'll probably just stick to The Thai House from now on :)

After we ate, we hung out, watched silly stuff on you tube and played games. It was a really fun night. You have to laugh at that many adults gathered around a two inch monitor. Here is the link to what they were watching.

Since my kids wear uniforms to school, they get super excited anytime they get to do something different. This is them on crazy hair day. I think Stacia looks like a character from a Dr. Seuss Book.

Uncle Jeff giving Stacia soccer lessons in the front room.

The kids make everyone who comes to visit play the Wii with them. This is Bobby's Uncle Bryan, who we have been able to spend some time with lately, we can't wait for the rest of the family to get here!

Lauren thinks she is sooo big! Her new trick is to climb up on the desk and sit on top of the computer. She is a silly girl.