Thursday, February 25, 2010

December '09

My Auntie Nenka came for a visit at the beginning of the month. She got really sick while she was here, but other than that she had a great visit. When she arrived she said all she wanted was to see a good snowstorm (she lives in Florida) and she definitely got her wish because it snowed and snowed the whole time she was here. We all spent a few days at the cabin and almost got snowed in, which I would actually be fine with :)

She stayed with us for the first few days of her trip and was rewarded by Lauren finding her LancĂ´me face cream and making good use of it. At least she has good taste, none of the cheap stuff for my girl.

My birthday is on the 16th and every year I force Bobby to take me to dinner and a movie, I say force because going to the movies is probably his least favorite activity. So we saw "The Blind Side" which we both loved and had a fun night out. This year he also got me all of my favorite treats and some beautiful earrings with my birthstone which was a total surprise. So, even though I'm in my thirties now, it was still a really great day:)

Christmas Fun!!

The kids made an awesome gingerbread House.

I love Milli's hair!

For as long as my kids can remember, we have spent Christmas with Uncle Jeff. It is always great to have him here, this year he helped the kids decorate cookies for Santa and they all had a lot of fun. Lauren cracks me up, instead of decorating the cookies she would just dip them in the frosting and eat them. I guess she thinks she needs them more than Santa does. I think they turned out great. Milli insisted on leaving chocolate milk because that is Santa's favorite and of course we can't forget Rudolph so the kids left him a carrot.

Christmas morning is always so much fun. The kids got lots of great toys and games and clothes and had a great time making a huge mess with all of it. Thank you Santa for a wonderful Christmas!! After all the craziness of opening presents we had a nice big breakfast and then headed off to Grandma Lemke's to see all the cousins and spend the day with our family.

The kids were obsessed with getting a pottery wheel. I kept telling them that Santa might not bring one because he knows how messy they are, but Stacia assured me that I was wrong and that she knew Santa wouldn't let her down. Well she was right and they were all very happy. The best part is when they were playing with it they all kept saying "this is a lot messier than it looked on TV" I just had to laugh.

Snow Fun

The kids really wanted to try out their new sleds so we piled up the snow in the back yard and they had so much fun going down that little hill.

Bobby helped the kids build a big snow woman which is something they love to do and beg to do as soon as it snows.

They made her some clothes and hair out of food coloring, isn't she pretty? She kind of looks like a big snow cone :)