Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Award Winning Girl

Stacia received two awards at school. The first one was a "Character Counts" Award for being a good example and the second was for meeting her reading goals. She was very excited and told me that the rest of the kids had been working on their reading goals since before we got here!

Good work Stacia!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was great this year, I love being a mom to my four beautiful kids! They made me all sorts of fun things this year, flower pots, beautiful pictures, poems, cards, and a birdhouse. What more could a mom ask for? My favorite part was that they all kept wanting to do more things for me and they could hardly hold in all their surprises. They kept wanting to tell me what they had made it was really cute. Bobby got me all of my favorite things, diet Dr. Pepper, a brownie warm delight, junior mints, and the best gift, a flight home for June 1st to be there when Amanda has her baby!! If she can wait that long :) I love my family so much!!

Bobby's parents came up for the weekend which was so much fun. The kids have a great time with their grandparents and Marie always has a lot of fun things planned for them! They do crafts and play games and enjoy their time together.

Since we don't have a garden, Marie brought us some Topsy Turvy planters. Soon we will have yummy tomatoes and strawberries!! Thanks Marie

Even though the weather wasn't ideal we took the kids to the beach and of course they had a great time. How do kids do it? they didn't seem to notice the cold at all.

This particular beach has a big pirate ship with a zip line. The kids love it and it's a good workout for me running the rope back and forth. Even Lauren took a turn but we didn't get a picture because we were too concerned with making sure she didn't fall off.

It was a fabulous weekend, and to all the awesome mothers in my life: I love you, you are amazing!! Happy Mother's Day!