Monday, April 19, 2010

It's all about Stacia!

Stacia turned 8 on Feb. 8th

She couldn't decide on a theme for her party so we had Wizards of Waverly Place party favors, this is everyone putting a spell on the birthday girl :)

We had a High School Musical pinata

and an American Idol cake so I guess her theme was Musical Wizards :)

She had a lot of fun with her friends, singing, dancing, eating pizza, cake and ice cream and even giving herself a little make over.

When her friend party was over we were off to Grandma's for her family party. On the way she said it was okay if the family got her clothes because she already got a lot of fun toys from her friends, which made me laugh. She was right, she got a lot of cut clothes from the family, but she also got some toys...she's just a little spoiled:)

About a week after her birthday I took her to get her ears pierced, she was excited and very nervous. It just happened to be the Saturday before Valentine's day and the jewelry store was packed so we had to wait forever but her turn finally came. I took the before picture and her smile looks a little apprehensive which still makes me laugh.

I was surprised she smiled for this picture because this is the second ear, but when I asked her about it she said she smiled because she knew Aunt Cindy would see the pictures and she wanted her to see how brave she was. What a cute girl, and she was very brave.

She looks so grown up :(

Another very special day was soon to come. Stacia was Baptized on March 6th. She has been looking forward to her baptism for a long time and it was a really wonderful day. My mom and I had taken her shopping for her dress and all of her cute accessories, (thanks mom she loved spending the day with you!) Grandma and Grandpa Ginn flew in to be here with her, and got her a set of her very own scriptures. Bobby preformed the baptism and confirmation, it was a great day that I know she will remember forever. Thanks everyone for supporting her.

At one point Stacia said to me, "it seems like it's been all about me lately" and I told her that it's okay to have it be all about you sometimes, we are so proud of her and love her so much. I can't believe she is growing up so fast!! Time passes so quickly and I'm glad we can have these moments where we can stop and celebrate.