Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cookie Cutter Kids

Stacia and Landon on the left, Milli and Lauren on the right.

Bath Time

I left Landon in the tub, just long enough to get a towel, and Milli jumped in with him. It was pretty funny, and the best part was that she had just finished her own bath but apparently she wasn't ready to be done.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

David Beckham

WOW he's a hottie!!

Bobby and I went to the RSL game on Saturday with Amanda and Wade. I go to most of the games but this one was made a little more exciting by the fact that we were playing against David Beckham's team, LA Galaxy. I have always thought he was kind of hot and now I know he's even hotter in person. We had great seats and it was alot of fun. Bobby called me a groupie because I was up front taking pictures, but I don't care it was worth it.


Stacia holding her teeth.

Stacia under the gas.

Milli brushing her teeth, Landon watching Dora.

Everyone got a toy!

So Stacia had a loose tooth and she had been wiggling it but it didn't fall out. Then one day she said she felt something in her mouth so I looked and it was her new tooth growing in behind the old one. So I of course freaked out and called the dentist. He told us that she has too small of a mouth and we needed to pull a couple of her teeth to make some room. He also said we are basically screwed because the other two kids have the same problem so I guess it's braces for everyone! Stacia was pretty nervous about getting teeth pulled, but she was so brave!! This was Milena's first dentist visit so we didn't know how she would do but she did great and Landon was just happy to be watching Dora so I don't think he even noticed the dentist.